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Charles Sturt University Study Centre Libraries: Textbooks & Library Catalogue

Library Catalogues

Click on one of the labels below to select either the Study Centre Library Catalogue (for physical resources), or Charles Sturt University Library (for digital resources).



Textbooks can be borrowed from your Study Centre Library or accessed as an eBooks through Primo.

Look up your textbooks using the lists below.

The lists provide you with the titles of the current semester's textbooks for your courses, taught at each Study Centre.

The Library's Call Number (NOT the subject code) is used to locate the book on the shelves.

Books available as ebooks are also indicated on the list.

Buying or renting textbooks

The Study Centre Libraries only holds 10% of all textbooks at each Campus. It is highly recommended you buy a copy of your textbook as there is no guarantee that your textbook will be available especially during exam time and if it's an open book exam.

One of the easiest ways to get textbooks is to buy them online - either brand new or second hand/ pre-loved. There are great textbook comparison sites where you can find the best deal. Try searching by the name and edition. Publisher websites may also offer textbooks for sale, often in eBook form.

Some retailers also allow to rent some of your textbooks for a semester, for a fee.