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Library client survey 2014: Customer Service

Customer Service: what is it?

Customer service is all the things we do to make sure you get your resources. It is the people you see behind the desk, helping you find the books on the shelves, delivering resources to you, answering your questions via phone and online chat and running classes showing you how to use the library.

Information literacy: helping you find information

You've told us how important it is to have the skills to identify, locate, evaluate and use information. 

Many of you have accessed the services we run to help you with this and really value how these services have supported your study. However, there are still some of you who haven't been able to access these services, or remain unaware of them.

Our response:

  • We will continue to provide Online Library Workshops; familiarisation services for tutors and residential advisors; residential school meet and greet sessions; school orientation sessions; library orientation sessions with the DE Outreach team; and social media posts about library services.
  • To support the the Information and Research Literacies Graduate Learning Outcome requiring graduates to “demonstrate capability as inquirers to locate, evaluate, manage, and use information and research to develop and guide their own knowledge, learning, and practice” we've embedded librarians in some of your subjects for subject specific guidance and workshops and placed more subject and task specific tutorials into core subjects.
  • We've extended our library resource guide collection to cover more subjects and courses.
  • We've provided signs in the library print collection that link you to library resource guides specific to your study area.

Coming soon: An extension of our embedded librarian program into more first year subjects and courses, and further promotion of our different library services through our social media channels.

Face to Face Assistance

You loved the help our staff can give you in person.

But, sometimes you need extra help finding books and resources.

Our response:

  • During busier parts of the semester Bathurst and Wagga staff now rove amongst the shelves ready to help you.
  • We have also made our staff more easier to identify, as all staff working upstairs in the Bathurst and Wagga libraries now wear bright green shirts with "Ask Us" printed on them - please do ask us!
  • Extended opening hours during residential schools.
  • We have improved signage for where and how to seek assistance if there is not an Ask Us desk close by.
  • We have created signs showing you where the different subject areas are shelved.
  • New signs in the collection directing users to our library resource guides for specific subject areas.

Virtual Services

You've let us knowBrowzine example that you love our virtual services, especially our online chat service and our toll free number, but you needed a library website that allowed you to find resources and help more easily

"Online services are brilliant and make studying via distance quite an easy task”

Some of your feedback indicated some parts of the library website were not easy to navigate to, meaning you couldn't always find the resources and services you needed.

Our response:

  • We''ll make sure we retain these services, and where possible extend them during busy periods.
  • We launched a new  website in January 2016, with a new layout and more intuitive interface. More refinements to this new website are still coming.
  •  "Browzine", a new service that allows you to discover, browse and read the Library's  ejournals in a fast and easy to use system. You'll be able find similar journals available from your library to raise awareness of what is being discussed in your field,  discover new topics, and places to publish.