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NRS538 Research Skills Guide: Primo Search


Primo Search is the Library's main search tool. You can use it to search across most of the Library's resources, both hardcopy and online.

Primo Search widgetThere are Primo Search search widgets in Interact2 and in the Student Portal. When you run a search from here, you will be taken into the full Primo Search product.




Primo Search main screenOnce in the full product, there are the following advantages:

  • You can access Advanced Search
  • You can log in to place requests, or to view your My Library Record
  • There are search tips available.

Primo Search is the best place to search for a known item (when you have the item details); you can also use it to search for information on a topic ...


As well as using Primo Search to find known items, you can also use it for topic searching.

Let's say we are seeking Australian material on study skills. Our search in Primo Search could be:

"study skills" australia*

Note 1: Remember that, in Primo Search, the search works the same as a keyword search – that is, our two terms are combined with the AND operator. So our search is effectively:

"study skills" [AND] australia*

Note 2: The double quotation marks force the enclosed words to be searched for as a phrase.

Note 3: The asterisk forces a search of all terms that start with australia- (that is, australia, australian, australia's etc).


Here's the Primo Search search with search string and the results:

Search in Primo for Australian material on study skills


Primo Search searches across nearly all the Library's resources so you usually get lots of results, and of all kinds.

The idea is to use the Refiners down the left side to show only results by certain criteria:

Screenshot of the refiners in Primo

TIP: If you are searching for journal articles, and you get too many results, or they don't look relevant, try searching directly in a database.

Introduction to Primo Search

For further assistance with using Primo Search, see the Library's Primo Search Help Guide

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