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NRS160 Research Skills Guide: Google Scholar

Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar allows you to locate resources such as articles, theses and books that you may be able to access through CSU Library's subscriptions and holdings. It is a useful search tool as it makes use of Google's sophisticated search algorithms, allows natural language searching, and locates related and citing articles.

It searches everything - unlike Primo Search which is set to search the Library's holdings only – so some resources will not be available to you.

Tip: Set your Google Scholar Library Links to access CSU Library's subscription resources using these instructions, or watch the adjacent Use Google Scholar video.  ""

Activity 3 - Google Scholar

In the adjacent Google Scholar window try searching for the keywords "media representation" nursing.  Note: "" double quotation marks are used to search for a phrase, see the Search Strategies page for more information.

Notice the number of results you get? Probably well over 80 000? However these will not all be available to you through the Library's subscriptions and holdings.

Note: Remember to enable Library Links in your Google Scholar settings to show & access CSU Library holdings.

  • After you have enabled CSU Library in your Google Scholar Library Links settings look for the Find it at CSU links to the right of each resource's title – if they are present the Library has that item and you can use this link to access it via CSU Library's subscriptions and holdings.
  • You may also be able to access freely available resources via your Google Scholar search, to identify these look for & follow the location links that may appear to the right of each resources title. e.g [PDF]

Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Search Google Scholar