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NRS160 Research Skills Guide: Assessments

In this guide

This guide is designed to give you important information literacy skills, which you will use not only for NRS160, but for all your future research tasks, and even into your future nursing careers.

You will not always need to perform each step in this guide as part of your assessment. Knowing which parts are relevant and which are not is an important skill in itself!

Assessment 1 - Annotated bibliography

Assessment 1 requires you to put together an annotated bibliography. It asks you to locate, reference, and summarise four pieces of evidence - one for each of the following areas:

  • History of nursing
  • Media representation of nurses and nursing
  • Development of nursing in the body of nursing knowledge

You must also identify how each piece of evidence relates to the professional status of nursing and explain why each source was chosen.

All sections of this guide will be helpful for Assessment 1, but the Find and Evaluate sections will be particularly useful. You will also find detailed information on writing an annotated bibliography on the next page of this guide.

Assessment 2 - Professional status essay

For Assessment 2, you are required to write an essay discussing the factors that have contributed to the professional status of nursing today. 

You will need to use the evidence you have already collected, as well as new pieces of evidence that relate to the question. References must be scholarly and no more than five years old.

For this assessment, the Identify and Find sections of this guide will help you locate new evidence and resources. The Evaluate section will help you make sure you are using high-quality, scholarly material.