Charles Sturt University Study Centres are currently closed due to Coronavirus, but the libraries remains contactable. Please see the COVID FAQs for each Centre location for further details

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30 Church Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 9935 7921

COVID-19 FAQ - Melbourne

Charles Sturt University Melbourne Study Centre is currently closed due to Coronavirus. Library staff are still available and can be contacted during normal operating hours. We  can be contacted via email on or via telephone (Skype Enabled) on 99357921

No library fines for existing items on loan will be incurred during the closure period.

Library Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is the campus/Library open?

No, the campus remains closed because the current COVID-19 situation.


Is there a way to return books if I wish to?

Due to campus closure, we request that students wishing to return items do so via registered post to 

Charles Sturt Study Centre Library

30 Church Lane

Melbourne VIC 3000

Please keep forward the receipt and tracking number, name of the items posted and your student number to once you have posted any items.


Is it required that I return my books if I am continuing my studies in the next study session?

No, it is not required that you return your items at this time. The library will continue to automatically renew all items currently on loan until the time that campuses are able to reopen. No fines will be incurred during the closure period. You will however need to return your items before the time of graduation.


Is it required that I return my books before I am able to graduate?

Yes, all students need to return all items registered on their account to the university before they are able to graduate.


Can I borrow books?

It is not possible to borrow physical books at this time. There is a list of eBooks available for Melbourne Study Centre subjects via the Library tab on the iLearn platform here. Charles Start University Library is running help sessions on accessing eBooks here.


How can I contact the library if I need help? 

The library remains contactable via telephone, email or zoom drop in:

Tel: 99357921


Zoom drop in:

Live weekdays between:

 9am - 12pm

3pm - 5pm