SAGE Research Methods Online

Sage Research Methods Online is an online resource which covers qualitative and quantitative research. It assists in the understanding of research methods and in the actual selection, design, and application of a research method.

Content is sourced from book and reference material on research, plus material from SAGE journals. More than 120,000 pages of SAGE's book and reference material on research methods are available. Note that this database is not one you would use to find information about a topic; rather, SRMO is for learning about research methods.

You can:

  • search SRMO using basic or advanced search
  • browse by Content, Discipline, or Content Type
  • choose from a series of "I want to ..." options
  • go to your Discipline and see the resources listed there
  • use the visual Methods Map to explore connections between more than 2,000 methods, theories, and terms.

When you search, you should get a range of results, from dictionary and thesaurus entries to book chapters and entire books.

SRMO includes a package of videos about research methods. You can access these from within SRMO (go to Browse > Content Type > Video), or separately at Sage Research Methods Online - Videos. If you do go to the separate package, there are 6 videos listed under the category of Browse by Method > Literature Review.

Sage Research Methods Online