Referencing at CSU

You might think this page on Referencing should be at the end of this guide, as you probably think that referencing is something that you do last of all in your assignment.

But it's a case of "start with the end in mind". Right from the start of your research, you will need to be recording:

  • bibliographic details of the resources that you use for your research, so that you can reference them correctly. EndNote (see the next page in this guide) can help with this, because you can store the references in your "EndNote Library".
  • the places - for example, page numbers - in those resources from where you extract the information. You will need these if you need to refer to a specific page number.

The Referencing at CSU webpage has lots of helpful information about referencing. The main referencing style used at Charles Sturt is APA. For help with using APA referencing style see:

what is referencing?