JBI COnNECT+ comprises a series of sites on selected areas of health, referred to as "nodes". All nodes contain the same resources and programs, but the information included in each node is specific to that area of health. Alternatively, users can search for information from all nodes.
The nodes in JBI COnNECT+ include:

Aged Care Burns Care
Cancer Care Chronic Disease
Diagnostic Imaging Emergency and Trauma
General Medicine Health Management and Assessment
Infection Control Mental Health
Midwifery Rehabilitation
Surgical Services Wound Healing and Management


You can also limit your search to a particular publication type.

The publications types in JBI COnNECT+ include:

Best Practice Information Sheets Consumer Information Sheets
Evidence Summaries Evidence Based Recommended Practices
Systematic Review Protocols Systematic Reviews
Technical Reports  

As well as the databases of EBP material,  this resource also includes access to a number of EBP tools. These include:

  • JBI TAP, to assist in data analysis;
  • JBI CAN-IMPLEMENT, to assist in adapting guidelines for local use;
  • JBI JOURNAL CLUB, for creating a journal club
  • JBI RAPID, a program that assists users to appraise evidence;
  • JBI SUMARI, for developing systematic reviews;
  • JBI MANUAL BUILDER, for building evidence-based clinical manuals;
  • JBI PAMPHLET BUILDER, building evidence-based information pamphlets;
  • JBI PACES, to assist in conducting clinical audits;
  • JBI POOL and JBI COOL, for collecting and storing patient-related prevalence data.

If you want to access the EBP tools in JBI COnNECT+, it is suggested you go to JBI COnNECT+ on Ovid, which gives alternative access to JBI COnNECT+ via the Ovid platform. Once you have followed the instructions in the Ovid document Accessing JBI Tools for the first time, you should be able to access the EBP tools in both the Ovid and the JBI COnNECT+ platforms.

Final note: If you happen to use the JBI COnNECT+ Logout button and then have difficulty getting full access again, you might need to close and re-open your browser.

About JBI (Joanna Briggs) COnNECT+


JBI COnNECT+ (Clinical Online Network of Evidence for Care and Therapeutics) is a subscription only resources, the main product of the Joanna Briggs Institute. It is available here directly in the JBI platform, but is also available in the Ovid platform (see also below).

JBI COnNECT+ works as an online gateway to a collection of evidence-based resources and tools designed to assist in the clinical decision-making process and to support best practice. These resources and tools allow users to engage in the "six essential steps of evidence-based health care": to search, appraise, summarise, embed, utilise, and evaluate evidence-based information.