Advanced Cinahl


The following section will step you through searching for best evidence in the CINAHL database, and saving your search. While you do not need to have an account to search in CINAHL, you do need to have an account in order to save searches. This is highly advisable, and so information on establishing an account and saving searches is also included.

The searches will use the PICO format of our example question.

Setting up an account

To save a search in CINAHL, you will first need to set up an account.

Begin by going to the CINAHL homepage. You will see a link in the top right corner which says "Sign in". Click on this link.

You will be taken to the CINAHL sign in screen. Toward the bottom of the screen, you will see Don't have an account? Create one now. Click on this link. You should be taken to a new screen to set up your account.

You will need to choose your own personal username with security measures. These need not be the same as your CSU log-in or passwords.

Saving your searches

Should you wish to save your search for later, simply log-in to your CINAHL account, and after performing the search, click on the "Search history" link beneath the search boxes. You will be shown a table which displays your recent searches. Check the box beside the search you wish to save, and click the "Save Searches/Alerts" link above the table.

You will have the option to save your search, and add a description, as well as selecting to save your search permanently, for 24 hours, or to create an alert. Check the "Save Search (Permanent)" box, and click the yellow "Save" button.

The next time you need to access your search, simply log-in, and click on the "Folder" link in the top banner of the CINAHL home screen. You will taken to a page which lists your saved searches.