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HIP202 Research Skills Guide: Do you need a refresher?

The HIP100 Research Skills Guide

As a first-year School of Community Health student, you might have worked through the online HIP100 Research Skills Guide.

The HIP100 Research Skills Guide helps first year students identify and find resources, covering resource types, citation types, Primo Search, databases, and Peer Review.

See HIP100 Research Skills Guide for a refresher.

Meanwhile, this Research Skills Guide for HIP202 will build on that, and take you further in finding published studies in the health sciences.

Primo Search

Hopefully in 1st Year you got used to searching in Primo Search, for known items and for material on a topic.

Primo Search is a search tool where you can search across most of the Library's resources in the same search. You can easily search for known readings/resources, and you can also search for information on a topic.

As an example, to find information on cardiac disease in Australia, you could search for  ... "cardiac disease" australia* .  Primo Search will run this search as "cardiac disease" [AND] australia* :

There will be lots of results, but the idea of Primo Search is to use the Refine my results panel on the left of screen. You can refine by many different criteria, including:

  • Peer-reviewed Journals
  • Resource type
  • Dates
  • Topics.

Tip: For a quick way to get fewer, and more relevant, results, go to Advanced Search and change Any field to Title or Subject. This will search for your term(s) only where they appear in the title, or in a subject heading.

In Primo Search Advanced Search you can change from searching "Anywhere in the record" to in the title"