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HIP100 Research Skills Guide: Finding a Known Item

Book or eBook

Search for the title, or the main phrase from the title, enclosed in double quotation marks. If necessary, add the author’s surname to the search box.

For example, To search for the book ... Naidoo, J., & Wills, J. (20009). Foundations for health promotion (3rd ed.). Bailliere Tindall Elsevier ... just enter ... "foundations for health promotion" ... in the search box.

If you get numerous results, you can limit to Resource type > Books using the refiners to the left of the results list

You can limit further to books held by a particular campus library, or to eBooks. To limit a results list of books to eBooks, click on the Show only > Available online link.

Searching for "foundations for health promotion" returns a number of results of different resource types. You can use the Refine by > Resource type > Books refiner to show just book results, and further use the Show only > Available online refiner to show just eBooks.


Sometimes it’s difficult to tell in which format a book is available. eBooks have an Available online link; print books have an Available at ... or Check Availability link.

If you see a book tagged with Multiple versions, click on the See all versions link to further drill down to the individual book records

Primo Search book records are labelled "Book" or "Multiple versions" and have links for "Available onlilne", Available at a campus library, or See all versions

Book Chapter

If searching for a book chapter, you can try searching for the chapter title, but it’s probably safer to search for the book title, and then proceed to the chapter.

  • If the book is held only in print, you can click on the title to go to the full record. There might be a list of chapters in the Contents, and you can  request a digitisation (copy) of the chapter you require.
  • If the book is held as an eBook, you can navigate to the full eBook and find the chapter from the table of contents.

Journal Article

If you are looking for a journal article, search for the article title, just as you would for a book title.

If you get a result, it should mean that the article is available online.  Click on Download PDF to go straight to a PDF of the item, or on View online (and follow the prompts) to access the article in a database.

If searching by article title doesn’t find the item, try searching by journal title. If you get a result, you can follow the prompts to go to the journal in an online database, and 

  • browse to the volume and issue you require and then scroll through the table of contents    OR
  • search within the journal using the article title in double quotation marks.

If you have any problems, please contact the Library.

Requesting items and digitisations

This video explains how you can request loans and copies ("digitisations") from the Library.