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HCS406 Research Skills Guide: Peer Review

Find Peer reviewed articles

Articles published in peer reviewed or refereed journals have been through a formal approval process. This process is intended to ensure that the article is:

  • accurate
  • well-researched
  • contributing to the body of knowledge in the field

To find peer reviewed articles:

  • Select to show only peer reviewed journals in Primo Search
  • Limit to peer reviewed or scholarly journals in journal databases

However, as these options are just an indication of peer review status the definitive way to find out if your article has been peer reviewed is to use Ulrichsweb Global Periodicals Directory.

Activity: Peer Review (Ulrichs Web)

With the example below, let's use Ulrichsweb Global Series Directory to determine if an article has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. 

Kallinikaki, T. (2019). Social work education in uncertain times: Protecting the human rights of migrants. Journal of Human Rights and Social Work, 4(1), 28-35. doi:10.1007/s41134-018-0084-1


  1. Open Ulrichsweb. You can find Ulrichsweb on the A-Z Databases page under 'U'.
  2. Search the title of the journal. In this case, Journal of Human Rights and Social Work.

Do you see a black and white referees jersey in the column to the left of the title? This means that all articles published within this journal are subjected to a peer-review process and are considered to be scholarly resources.