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HCS102 Research Skills Guide: Assessment 1


Task Summary: Answer a series of questions that relate primarily to Module 1: Foundations for Study [Weeks 1-4] over 3 days.

There are two parts [Part A & Part B] of the task to complete.

  1. PART A: Reviewing and summarising information, and
  2. PART B: Investigating and researching content so far.

Finding eReserve Readings


  • Always start by reading the Subject Outline thoroughly.
  • Review material available in your HCS102 subject site.
  • Consider the information in your textbook.
  • Locate supporting resources in Primo Search.


Below are some videos to help you get started.


Find additional keywords

Oxford Reference Online

Oxford Reference Online is a huge repository of subject-specific dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and other reference-type material, which you can browse by subject or reference type, and search across the whole collection or within a specified subject.

When you have done a browse or search, you will probably see two tabs of results - for "entries" and for "books" - and you can narrow your results by criteria including availability, reference type, subject, and content set, and even for results with illustrations.

Contact us at the Library if you need help using this extensive reference database.