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About Wheelers eBooks

The Wheelers eBook collection provides access to law titles published by CCH Australia and Kluwer Law CCH Wheelers ePlatform logoInternational.

eBooks from the CCH Wheelers collection are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management), so you will find that there are limits on the amount you can copy and/or print from these titles.

For more information on using this collection please see the Wheelers CCH eLending Support site.

Reading Online

When you link to an eBook from the Wheelers collection from Primo Search you will be taken directly to the eBooks home screen on the Wheelers platform.

CCH Wheelers eBook home screen

If the Sign In link appears click to be authenticated as a CSU user (you may need to enter your CSU username and password).

To read online click the Borrow link. This creates an online loan. Loan periods are generous, e.g. 60 days, if your loan expires before you have finished the book, you can immediately reborrow it as long as there are copies available. Note that you have the option to Return an online loan at any time, it is recommended that you do this when finished reading so it can be borrowed by other library users.

Once a book is borrowed it is accessible from the My Loans tab within the Wheelers ePlatform.

Reading Options:

  • Once borrowed click the Read link, book will open in an online reader
  • Contents - Access a navigable contents listing from the Contents tab that appears top right hand side of the screen

CCH Wheelers eBook menu

  • Search within - use the Search box that appears above the contents listing to search within the current eBook.
  • Settings - Click on the Settings tab to access options that allow you to adjust the appearance and behavior of the online book reader, e.g. font and background colour can be changed to suit your own preferences.
  • Navigate - to navigate through the book use the Contents listing or click to the right of your screen for next page and to the left for previous page.
  • Highlight/Annotate - to highlight a word or section of text hold and drag your cursor across the text. From the pop up menu that appears select highlight, you can then also add notes or annotations and change the highlight colour as required. Click Save.

CCH Wheelers eplatform highlight textCCH Wheelers eplatform, highlight and annotate text


  • Added highlights and notes are accessible from the Bookmarks tab.
  • Copy - to copy text hold and drag cursor across the required text/section. From the pop up menu that appears select Copy, copied text is moved to a text box, CTRL+C to copy the text which can then be pasted into a separate document.
  • Dictionary/Thesaurus - hold and drag cursor across the word you would like to look up. From the pop up menu that appears select Define. Definition, synonyms and related words are provided when available.

CCH Wheelers eplatform dictionary/thesaurus option

  • Search within option is also available from the pop up menu that appears when you highlight a word within then book reader.
  • Print - navigate to the chapter you would like to print from and select Print from your browsers menu, enter the required page range (page numbers are clearly marked in the online reader) and click Print. 
  • Read Offline - when using Wheelers online reader in your browser the eBook you are reading will automatically be cached, that is, saved to your computer so that it can also be read offline.



After borrowing a title from the Wheelers Collection you can then download it to read offline using the free eReading software Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).

Please see Adobe Digital Editions FAQs for more information

To download an eBook to ADE click on the reading options link that appears after borrowing an eBook title:

CCH Wheelers eBook reading option link

  • Click the Read via Adobe link
  • Select Open with Adobe Digital Editions from the file download box.
  • Book will open in the Adobe Digital Editions program.
  • Adobe Digital Editions enables you to add bookmarks to text, search within an eBook and may allow you to print and/or copy portions of the text, depending on individual publisher allowances. To print go to the File menu in ADE, select Print and enter page range. To check print/copy allowances go to the File menu and select Item Info.

ePlatform App

CCH Wheelers ePlatform App Home screen

The Wheelers ePlatform provides an App for iOS, Android and Windows devices.


  • Download the App to your device, see the ePlatform App page for links.
  • The first time you open the App you will be directed to find your library (search for Charles Sturt University)
  • Sign in using your CSU username and password
  • You will have access to all the Wheelers eBooks CSU Library subscribes to and you will be able to link to any books you already have on loan va the My Loans link.



CCH Wheelers ePlatform App features menu



  • When reading an eBook using the App tap the screen to access menu options: Contents, Bookmarks and Settings.
  • You have access to the same range of features in the App as are available in the Wheelers online reader. This includes a navigable contents listing, search within function, highlighting, annotating and the ability to customize the reader to suit your own preferences by changing, for example, the font and colours.
  • Once an eBook has been accessed online via the ePlatform App it will also be accessible offline.

For more information see the Wheelers ePlatform App page