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Science honours: Planning your Project

CSU Library Guide - Literature Review

CSU Library has a comprehensive and detailed guide on writing a Literature Review.

The guide covers:

It is designed to help postgraduate students, higher degree research (HDR) candidates, and research staff with the process of conducting and writing a literature review.

Using SAGE Research Methods online

The SAGE Research Methods (SRMO) database can help you design your research project by providing information about the pros and cons of different research methodologies.

SRMO provides access to:

  • Full text content from over 720 books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks
  • The Little Green Book (qualitative research methods) series
  • The Little Blue Book (quantitative applications in the social sciences) series
  • A selection of journal articles and specially commissioned videos.
  • A collection of Datasets taken from real research projects.

You can find out more information by looking the Library's SAGE Research Methods webpage.

Project Planner

Sage Research Methods Project Planner  is designed to guide you through your research project. It will take you through the different steps you need to do.

Writing an Effective Research Question

Ethics and other considerations

In developing your research proposal you need to explicitly consider the ethical and safety implications.  If your proposed course of research raises ethical or safety issues then you may need to obtain formal ethical and or safety clearances before undertaking your research.

The University has several committees through which ethics and safety related issues are approved see Charles Sturt University's Research Ethics & Safety webpage for more information.