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Charles Sturt University Study Centre Libraries: Contract Cheating

Contract Cheating

Contract cheating is a crime. It happens when a student:

- Pays someone to write and produce an assessment task
- Gets help from someone else to do the assessment task
- Pretends to be someone else in an exam
- Buys a completed assignment from a tutoring company
- Pays a private tutoring company to coach you on how to complete an assignment
- Submits 'model' assignment answers provided by a private tutor or tutoring company
- Buys, sells or swaps completed assignments or assignment answers via 'sharing' websites or social media platforms like Facebook and WeChat.

Like plagiarism, there are serious consequences for students who use contract cheating. As well as breaking university rules, in New South Wales you could possibly be charged with fraud and police action. You can learn more about contract cheating and its consequences on the Academic integrity website.

Ransoms and Blackmail

There are many dangers when a student pays someone to buy an assignment or write it for them. This is because the website or person the student deals with has the student’s contact details and knows which university they go to and the subjects they study. Even if the student hides their contact details, the payment details can be used to trace the student.

Students who use contract cheating can be blackmailed even after the student has completed their degree. The blackmailers can threaten and ask the student for more money or else they will tell the university that the student had hired them to write their essays. They have copies of the written assignments as proof. The degree that the student earned will then be taken away from them by the university and their career will be ruined. One single assignment paid for can have lifelong consequences. 

You can read more about blackmail and contract cheating on the TESQSA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) website.

Summary of Consequences

- Expulsion from your course
- Expulsion from university
- Loss of huge amounts of money
- Cancellation of your degree
- Cancellation of your visa 
- Embarrassment and shame in front of friends and family

Where to get help with your assignments

At Charles Sturt University Study Centres, you get access to free study support services as part of your enrolment.

We know that as an international student you experience a lot pressure. The pressure of completing assignments, working to earn money, your family being far away, and English not being your first language can lead you to make to cheat and ruin your career. 

You can contact Study Support for help with academic writing and book an appointment with those who can really help you.

Contact the Study Centre Library also to avoid plagiarism and for finding permitted resources for your assignments. 

You can also visit the Academic skills help website

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