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Using Your Reading List (Leganto): Introduction

About this guide

Leganto is a new reading list management tool, used by the Library and your academic, to place your readings together in the one handy list  within your Interact2 subject site.

This Guide will show you how to navigate your Leganto reading lists in Interact2, plus help you discover the full benefits of Leganto and how you can use it to organise your readings and research.

Finding your Reading List in Interact2

  • You have direct access to your Leganto Reading Lists in Interact2.
  • When you go into your subject site in Interact2, you will see your Reading List link in the left hand side menu, usually beneath the Learning Activities heading. your list will usually be named "Reading List", or something to that effect.
  • When you click on this link, your Leganto Reading List will open in a new window.

Looking at your Reading List

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Things to Note

When you open your Reading List, take a look for the following features:

Your subject code and session will be at the top of your leganto reading list. Your prescribed text may be at the top of your reading list - click the view online link to open and read! Your list may be divided into modules or topics to help you keep track of your readings.

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