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Grey Literature

Introduction - Statistics

Statistical and dataset collections provide not only the raw numbers that you can use, but they may often provide you with the methodologies and applications of this information. Organisational websites for a discipline area will also often hold statistical information, or link to good resources,

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) - is Australia's National Statistical Agency. It contains current and historical data on Australia's economic & social conditions.

ABS Statistical Language Resources can help you understand a range of statistical concepts and terms with simple explanations

Introduction - Datasets

Increasingly, researchers around the world are making the datasets from their research available. These datasets are either described in a Dataset database, or made available from these databases.

Australian databases - Australian Government datasets 

Research Data (ANDS) - data for research from over 100 Australian research organisations, goverment agencies and cultural institutions

International databases - US Government's Open data collectin

UNdata - data from the United Nations

Worldbank Data Catalog - included Geospatial, Microdata and Time Series

Global Biodiversity Information Facility - data about all types of life on Earth