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Leganto: Create E-Resource Lists

Library Guide on how to use Leganto to create e-resource lists for subjects.

Using the Cite It! tool for Webpage links & New Resources

The Cite It! tool allows you to capture the metadata from publicly available online content, including websites and online documents.  If you want to link to CSU database materials, we recommend using the instructions for Linking to Primo records.

You can also use the Cite It! tool to recommend new titles for the collection - keep in mind these titles will appear in your Reading List. If you don't want them in your Reading List, you can use the Suggest New Material form to make requests.

Adding the Cite It! tool to your browser

You will find the Cite It! tool in the User Menu on the top right of the Leganto platform. Simply drag and drop the menu to your Bookmark toolbar.


Using the Cite It! tool

To add new items to your Reading List, make sure you are logged into Leganto. Open a webpage and select the Cite It! button in your bookmark toolbar.

Leganto will generate a new record in a popup window and will generally include the Title and URL of the page.  Ensure the Type is showing as Website (it will often default to Other), and that the details you want to show are included. 

When you're happy with the content, select the Reading List you want to add it to, and if appropriate, the section of your Reading List it should be saved in and select Add & Close. This will be added to your nominated Reading list.

When you use Cite It! to suggest a new title, you will need to "Send to Library" for the Library to action the request.