Referencing for Law

AGLC is the referencing style you will be expected to use at CSU for the Bachelor of Laws.  It is produced by the Melbourne University Law Review Association in collaboration with the Melbourne Journal of International Law.  

The fourth edition, was released in late 2018, and a Summary of changes to AGLC4 was produced by the University of Melbourne Law Review Committee. If you have used AGLC3 in the past, please look at the summary of changes or watch the presentation on the right hand side of this page.

The following links are guides from other universities on AGLC4.  Bachelor of Laws students should confirm the information in these guides with the full AGLC4 Guide linked above.

If you are studying subjects in other disciplines, or studying law subjects towards a different course of study, you may be expected to use a different citation style, most likely APA style. You should check with your lecturer if you are unsure. See Referencing at Charles Sturt University for more information on other referencing styles.

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This module will assist you in developing your AGLC4 referencing skills .

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