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Using Library Resources in Interact 2

A guide on how to incorporate various types of library resources into your Interact 2 sites. Includes step-by-step information on how to link and embed things like database articles, ereserve readings and videos.

How to add a video file to DOMS

It is recommended that any CSU videos, such as library tutorials, lectures, etc. should be added to DOMS first and then embedded in your Interact 2 course site.

To add a video to DOMS you will need to:

1. Have the video saved on your computer

2. Open and log-in to DOMS

3. To upload a file into DOMS click on the 'Contribute' option:

4. Select 'Digital Media' as the type of resource that you are contributing

5. Enter a title, description and any notes that you wish to attach to the record

6. Select 'File' as the type of contribution

7. Under 'File Upload' click on the option to 'Add a resource' located below the file location window (which should be empty until you 'Add a resource'):

8. Under the 'Copyright Declaration' select the appropriate option that covers the file you are uploading. If you are unsure as to which option your video file falls under contact the University's Copyright Coordinator:

9. Under the 'Format' option, select video on the list to the left and the click on the single arrow to add it to the list on the right:

10. Add keywords to the record by selecting them from the pre-defined list or by adding them manually using the 'Other Keyword' tickbox.

11. When you a finished, click on the 'Save' button on the right:

12. Select the 'Publish' option to make the video searchable.


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