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Using Library Resources in Interact 2

A guide on how to incorporate various types of library resources into your Interact 2 sites. Includes step-by-step information on how to link and embed things like database articles, ereserve readings and videos.

How to add a link to a library eBook in Interact 2

You can add links to eBooks or eBook chapters depending on the platform that the eBook comes from. To create a link to an eBook or eBook chapter please see the instructions on the Library's Create Links to Resources page.

Please Note: When creating links to eBooks, it is recommended that you always set the target for the link as 'Open in New Window (_blank)'. Many links will not work in Interact 2 unless they are set to open in a new window.

1. Find the book or book chapter that you would like to link to through Primo Search

2. Determine what platform the eBook is coming from.

3. Go to the Library's Create Links to Resources page and click on the eBook drop down.

4. Click on the link to the instructions for the platform from which the eBook you want to link to comes from.

5. Follow the instructions to create a link to your eBook.

6. Copy the link that is generated.

7. Type in (or paste from Word or Endnote) the reference for the book that you want to link to on your Interact site.

Eg. Crawford, W. (2011). Open access: What you need to know now. ALA Editions.

8. Highlight the citation and click on the 'Insert/Edit Link'  button in the Interact 2 editor.

9. Paste the link created to the eBook using the Create Links to Resources page into the 'Link Path', set the 'Target' as 'Open in New Window (_blank)', and give the link a title (see below):

10. Save your changes and test your link to make sure that it works correctly. Your completed link should look something like this:

Eg. Crawford, W. (2011). Open access: What you need to know. ALA Editions.

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