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Using Library Resources in Interact 2

A guide on how to incorporate various types of library resources into your Interact 2 sites. Includes step-by-step information on how to link and embed things like database articles, ereserve readings and videos.

How to add links to library items

These instructions outline how to embed a link to Library resources such as journal articles, eReserve, eBooks and videos from the Library's databases.

When adding links to library items in Interact 2 we recommend that you place a correct citation to the item on the page and then embed the link in the citation text.

In this example we are looking at creating a link to a journal article, however the procedure is the same for each of the resource types listed above.

Step 1. Find the item through the Library

Step 2. Determine which database or search tool that the item is from.

Step 3. Follow the instructions for creating a link to items in that resource on the Library's 'Create Links to Resources' page. Please note, to add links to Primo records follow the instructions for 'eReserve' on the 'Create Links to Resources' page.

Step 4. Copy the URL you located or created.

Step 5. Insert a proper citation for the item and highlight the text of the citation.

Eg. Thatcher, S. G. (2010). What is open access?. Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter, 14(3), 7-9.

Step 6. Click on the 'Insert/Edit Link' button  in the content editor toolbar (please note, the 'Insert/Edit Link' button is not available - is greyed out - until a section of text is selected, see Step 5).

Step 7. Paste the URL into the link path window. You should set the target to 'Open in a New Window' so that the user does not need to navigate back to where they were. You should also give the link a title to assist with accessiblity.

Step 8. Save your changes and test your link to make sure that it works correctly. Your completed link should look something like this:

Eg. Thatcher, S. G. (2010). What is open access?. Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter, 14(3), 7-9.


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