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HRM320 Research Skills Guide: Practice Based Resources

What are practice based resources?

Apart from academic journal articles, there is a variety of free online business related information that can be considered scholarly and credible. This can include government information, reports and research conducted by professional organisations or think tanks as well as credible media sources.

When searching for information on the internet it is always important to evaluate information by applying the C.R.A.P test (see Website Evaluation Tips) to ensure the resources you find are reliable and authoritative.

Google Search Strategies

Search for an exact phrase, or match

Put your search terms in quotation marks

"climate change"
Exclude a word from your search

Put a dash - before any word you want to exclude

Port corrosion -phone
Search within a range of numbers

Use two periods .. between the numbers to return results within that range

sea temperature 2012..2017
Search within a website

Use site: to search within a particular web address or to limit your results to a domain type

Limit by geographical area or time frame Use the Google Tools drop down options to limit to Australian results and/or select a time frame for your results.


Using blogs for research

Blogs are typically used by researchers to reach wider audiences.  Unlike journal articles, blog content typically utilises a plain English language style instead of discipline-specific jargon and scholarly expression.  Blogs can be good sources of information, however the credibility of blogs can vary. This is why it is important to evaluate what you find.

  • Blogs on organizational websites have some research credibility
  • Personal blogs have little research credibility
  • All blogs should be treated as popular rather than scholarly sources.  However, blog posts from credible sources can contain links to the original research upon which the blog post was based, as well as other related published journal articles.  These would be appropriate to use in your assessments.  Again, it is important to evaluate what you find

Tip: Use a blog feed reader such as Feedly to view and keep track of the blog posts you've read, all in the one place. 

Business Analysis

ABC News - Business current affairs and news related to business from ABC TV, radio and podcasts.
Bloomberg news, business analysis, commentary, long-form features, Business Week magazine
Deloitte Access Economics provides advise and reports to business and government on economic, financial and social challenges.
The Conversation provides analysis and research from academics and experts from a variety of topics including business and economics.

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