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Engineering: Engineering resources

Standards and Guidelines

Specialised Engineering Resources

Downloading Standards

You will need to have a PDF reader on your device in order to download PDFs from Standards Online to read offline.

PDFs will not open in a browser, so you may need to change settings for your browser in order to open the PDFs. The document below provides instructions for downloading and accessing PDFs in Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.


Legislation is law made by Parliament and comprises:

  • Acts (also called statutes)
  • Subordinate or delegated legislation (including regulations, rules, by-laws, ordinances, orders and legislative instruments)

Finding legislation from a citation

1. Determine the jurisdiction - indicated at the end of the citation in brackets.  For example, Mental Health Act 2007 (NSW) is an Act from the NSW Parliament.

2. Find the legislation online - go to the database for the relevant jurisdiction (See Australian Legislation by Jurisdiction below). There will be options to browse by legislation type, such as Bill, Act, Delegated Legislation and so on.