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Researcher Profile: Reviewer/Editor Profiles

Publons: Journal Peer Reviewer or Journal Editor Profile

The Publons ( formerly the ResearcherID) profile from Web of Science has the options for researchers to record information about their editorial and peer-review activities.  Researchers can create or use their existing Publons profile, manually add records which Publons then verifies, or take advantage of automatic data collection from ‘partnered journals’.e.g.

Alternatively, reviewers and editors can register directly with Publons, a Publons profile can be created from the links provided in the WoS database, or a profile may have already have been created for reviewers after they responded to an email invitation sent to them after they conducted a review for a partnered journal.  

Subsequent reviews can be added to a reviewers Publons profile by sending "thank you for reviewing" emails, from email addresses verified against the reviewers profile account, to  For Editors, decision letters for manuscripts handled as an editor can be forwarded to

The Support team at Publons can add some content automatically but most reviews and editorial records on Publons are added by reviewers.  

Reviews conducted for’ partnered journals’ are automatically added to Publons on submission of the review to the journal. Reviewers can apply settings in their Publons Profile to "Automatically add reviews from partnered journals". 

More information: Publons FAQs for Reviewers and Editors