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Researcher Profile: Tips and Tricks

ORCiD Profile

An ORCiD profile allows you to:

  • create a unique id

Orcid unique identifier

  • add specific details to personalise your information such as country, and keywords about your research

Orcid personalisations

  • create links to your websites or websites that showcase your work

Orcid websites


  • add links to your Scopus Author ID and your Web of Science Researcher ID

Orcid other ids

  • add details to your bibliography

Orcid biography

  • detail your education information

Orcid education

  • detail your employment information

Orcid employment

  • detail your publications

Orcid publications

All this information is available in one easy to access location.

Allan Orcid profile

Scopus Author ID

Scopus Author ID allows information to be analyzed.

Author ID analyze data options

Author IDs are created when you publish in any Scopus journals.

Author ID

Web of Science Researcher ID

Web of Science publications can be grouped together using a unique identifier, the ResearcherID.

ResearcherID profile

Allowing you to create a list of publications

ResearcherID publications list

This data can also be analyzed.

ResearcherID analysis

Google Scholar Profile Auto Updates Feature

When using Google Scholar profiles, be wary of using the Auto Updates option.  Use the "Don't automatically update..." option so that e-mail alerts are sent to you to give you the ability to review the publications before adding them to your profile.

Google Scholar profile updates