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Mobile Devices for Study & Research: Collect

Tips on using mobile devices for study

Collecting Readings

Collecting your readings onto your mobile device saves on the amount of printing you need to do, and lets you access the readings anywhere, even when you are offline. 

Some of the many methods you can use to collect documents onto your mobile device include: 

Collect using a browser | Syncing with your computer | Downloading eBooks | Convert Interact modules to PDF

Collect using your mobile device browser

The easiest way to collect readings onto your mobile device is to use the browser program to access readings in PDF format and download them directly. This requires your device to be connected to the internet.

You can

  • Follow links to readings your lecturer has put in Interact; or
  • Use Primo Search, journal databases or Google Scholar to find eReserve readings, journal articles, and other reading material.

Then use the "Open In" option to save the reading to your storage or annotation app.


Collect using your computer and syncing your device

Free online cloud storage services allow you to store your documents online, and access them from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

  1. Create an account with a Cloud Storage service - see side bar for options.
  2. Download their app to your device, and follow their instructions to sync your computer and device.
  3. Locate readings on your computer - see the Find tab for assistance.
  4. Save or upload PDF readings to the Cloud Storage service and then access on your mobile device.

Try these YouTube videos:

Dropbox Overview Tutorial 2014

Google Drive Introduction 2014

Microsoft OneDrive (SkyDrive) Tutorial

Downloading eBooks

The two largest eBook Collections available from the Library, EBL and ebrary, can be read online using a web browser or downloaded and read using the Bluefire Reader app is available for iOS and Android based mobile devices.

Instructions for use

  1. Obtain an Adobe ID
  2. Download and install the Bluefire Reader app to your device
  3. Authorise Bluefire Reader using your Adobe ID
  4. Use  Primo Search or the  EBL collection databases to locate the required eBook
  5. Download the eBook to your device

Note: some eBooks from the CSU Library collections can only be accessed for a limited period after downloading, typically 1-7 days. After this time you will need to download the book again. There is no limit to the number of times you can download a particular eBook.

For more information on the various eBook collections the Library subscribes to, see our eBook Collections page.

Study Guides

Convert Interact modules to PDF.

The online module or study guide is designed to be an interactive presentation to guide you through the subject. 

However, if you wish to create a PDF document from the study guide to save on your mobile device:

  • On your computer, use the Print button next to each module in Interact.
  • Many computers will have an option to print to PDF instead of a printer - select this option.
  • Save the PDF to your Cloud Storage service.


  • Open the Module topic
  • Select all (Ctrl + A), copy (Ctrl + C), and paste (Ctrl + V) into a Word document.
  • Depending on the contents of the page, you may need to remove excess spacing.
  • Save the document as a PDF

Many interactive elements could be lost or may no longer function if played on a mobile device.

Reference Management apps

Specifically created to manage your academic reading material, EndNote Web and Mendeley both allow you to back up and sync your documents between your computer and mobile device, and access your research from anywhere. 

iOS devices only:

alt=""  EndNote

alt="" Mendeley


Zotero    Zotero


EndNote assistance is available from the CSU Library staff.

Cloud Storage Services

Online storage to access, share and sync files from anywhere. 



  Google Drive