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MGT340 Research Skills Guide: Planning

Understanding your task

It is important to break down the requirements of your assessment task before you start searching for information so that you can plan your approach.

At this first stage, you need to work out:

  • what the assessment is asking you to do
  • how you are going to search for answers to the question

The best place to find this information is your Subject Outline. You should carefully read all elements of the assessment information available. If you are confused or unsure about the assessment topic, ask your lecturer or tutor who will be happy to talk it through with you.

Let's look at your assessments

In Assessment 1 you have been asked to report on Australia's trade position with our six major trading partners. In your reports you need to include information regarding

  • Growth and trade
  • Culture and religion
  • Political and legal systems

You also need to select and introduce an Australian company that deals in at least one of the listed markets.

In Assessment 2, using the company you chose in A1, you need to select a new target country for this company to expand into then prepare an analysis of the macro-environment. This analysis will need to include:

  • an overview of the company, their products, and the countries they operate in
  • analysis and discussion of the economic, political and legal environment of the target country
  • analysis of the cultural and socio-economic frameworks of the target country
  • an overview of any ethical or corporate social responsibility issues

In Assessment 3 you are building on your work in previous assessments, using the same company and target country you need to prepare a second report that:

  • recommends the most appropriate entry mode and business strategy
  • discusses the multinational operational and organisational structure for your chosen company
  • provides recommendations for leading cross-cultural staff
  • outlines how this will meet the company's international and overall strategy

Note - the information here is a summary of what is in your subject outline. It is here as a guide, not a replacement for your full assessment information.

What information do you need?

Across the assessment tasks you will need a range of company and country information. This will include:

  • company reports and documentation such as annual reports, strategic planning, sustainability documentation
  • industry and market reports
  • country information such as population, industry, trade, political, environmental, legal and economic statistics and indicators

Remember - your reports need to be more than descriptive, they need to discuss, explain and evaluate the relevant theory relating to international management. To help you with this you will also need to find:

  • journal articles, books and case studies that discuss CSR, cross-cultural leadership and management, ethical considerations, human resource management, multinational organisational planning and other topics and issues relevant to your chosen company and country.

Where will you find this information?

The following pages of this guide will help you locate the information you need using a range of library databases and free websites.

You have been given some suggested starting points in your Subject Online. These and further suggestions are including in the following pages.

Remember, no matter where you find your resources you still need to evaluate them to ensure they are reliable and suitable to use. Check the Evaluating Information page for tips.

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