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Leganto: Create E-Resource Lists

Library Guide on how to use Leganto to create e-resource lists for subjects.



My Students Can't Access the Reading List


Make sure you have 'published' your list and made the tool available in your Interact site.


I Can't See my Reading List Under my List


Have you removed yourself as a 'Collaborator'? Or deleted your List? Once a list is deleted it cannot be retrieved.


The Resource Opens when I try to Move/Drag a Section


Make sure you select on the grey area and dotted lines should appear around the resource if you have 'picked it up' correctly.


I've clicked on My List and I'm getting the message 'No list associated with this course'


Click on the blue "x" that appears at the end of the message, this will take you to all of your reading lists.



What Browser Types are Recommended?


Leganto works best with Chrome or Firefox.

Internet Explorer, Safari, and Edge browsers are at this stage incompatible with Leganto software.

Accessing a reading list from Interact in Microsoft Edge will return "Response code: 400 failed OAuth check". Please use another browser.


Can Leganto be used on Mobile Devices?


Leganto Reading lists can be edited on a mobile device, but the drag/drop function to re-order sections or citations will not work. We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for this functionality.

Students can access readings from smart phones and tablets. 


Can I upload a PDF of a reading to Leganto


To meet Copyright Act provisions, PDFs cannot be uploaded to Leganto. You can link to readings online, in eReserve, in subscription databases or online.

How do I Report a Broken Library Link?


If the link is to a record in Primo - e.g., an ebook, or eReserve reading, please Contact the Library.

If it is a link to an online resource outside the Library collection, you can edit the record with a new link.

How do I add an eBook Chapter?


To add a citation for an eBook chapter, follow the instructions for adding a record manually. You can add the link to the specific chapter in the "Source" field.


What if I want to include a book or chapter from a book chapter that is not available at CSU Library?


You can submit a purchase request through Leganto by adding a record manually or using the Leganto Cite It tool. Remember these will appear in your Reading List, so if they are not for your subject, please use the Suggest New Material form.

For books, please note that it will take approx. 6 weeks for your order to be made available (less if it is available as an eBook).

For book chapters we will source the book. Place the request using the Placing a New eReserve request instructions.


What is My collection?


My Collection is a personal list of Library items or external links that you can save for a later time. You can use this as a temporary location to save readings where you may not have a Reading list set up. You can add them to a Reading List by selecting the Open Collection button within your selected list, and dragging the item into the correct position.


What are Discussions?


Students can contribute to discussion threads in a couple of ways. The Student Discussion feature is available at the list level, and at the individual citation level.

You can respond to the comment or delete the comment by selecting the trash can icon.

A confirmation message will appear, select OK to delete the comment. 

Discussions are only accessible by people with access to the reading list - generally students and staff in the subject.

Removing Discussions

If you decide you don't want to have the student discussion feature in your list, you can easily disable it.

1) Select the ellipsis at the top left of your reading list

2) Select Configure list discussions, and select Hide student discussion thread


How do I get Usage statistics from Leganto?


Analytics of your reading list are available in the Reports section in Leganto, found on the left-hand menu. The Reports screen shows three tabs of reports: Analysis, Usage and Inactive. On the Analysis tab you should see two reports that give an overview of the activity on your reading list. The Usage tab gives an overview of the number of students interacting with the citations on your list. The Inactive tab will contain reports of your reading lists from previous sessions. 

Instructors of a Subject site will also be able to see how many people have clicked on the citation. This is indicated by an eye with the number of views next to it on each reading in the list.