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Leganto: Create E-Resource Lists

Library Guide on how to use Leganto to create e-resource lists for subjects.

Reusing your list with a different cohort or subject

You can reuse an existing list with multiple cohorts to save you time. For this reason is is very important not to delete your list at the end of the teaching period. If you don't want the reading list showing in My Lists, you can remove yourself as a collaborator instead.

To reuse an existing reading list with a different cohort or subject,

  • you will need to be an instructor in the Interact site you're reusing your list for,
  • if you're not an Instructor in the other subject sites, you can add the Instructor in that site as a collaborator to list.

Associating a reading list with a new subject

Associating a Reading List with another subject.

Access the new subject Interact site you wish to add your list to.

Within the Control Panel settings in the Add Menu Item option select Tool Link.

When the Add Tool Link options appear, give your link a name - one suggestion is Reading List

In the Type field, select Leganto (Resource List) then select Submit.

We would suggest leaving the check box Available to Users unchecked until the list is finalised. This can be checked after the list is complete.























The new tool will appear in your Control Panel at the bottom of the list. You can re-order this as you wish for your site.

Select the new Leganto tool link to begin creating your subject list within the Leganto package...

You will be asked to Create a New Course - this will create a new subject in Leganto that your reading list will be associated with - Select Create.


The next screen will ask you to Create a new reading list, DO NOT select Create it, instead select the link below - "Leave this page and explore Leganto"

To ensure the subject has successfully been added to Leganto, please return to your subject site and reenter Leganto using the Link you have created in your Tools menu.

When you're back into Leganto, go to My Lists and search or scroll to identify the list you wish to reuse. If you get the message, "No lists associated with this Course", click on the blue "x", your full list of lists will now display.


Associate your list to the new subject by selecting the title of the list in My Lists.

When the list opens, select the elipsis "..." and select Manage Course Association.

Enter the subject code and select the appropriate cohort, ensure you have the correct session and campus!

Don't forget to make the Leganto Tool visible in your Interact site.