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Using Leganto: For Staff

Request the Library's Help

The Library can create, edit or reuse a Leganto reading list for you. We will organise your readings to suit your subject delivery, in modules, topics or weeks and ensure that they are all copyright compliant.


To ask the Library to create your Leganto list, please follow these steps.

  1. Submit an online request form
  2. Supply the Library with a document listing the required subject readings, OR ask the Library to work through the subject modules to identify contextual links to the required subject readings.
  3. The Library staff member assigned to complete your list will be added to the subject Interact2 site for all cohorts with non-grade access.

For related Leganto enquiries, please contact your Library Faculty Team.

Timeframes & Deadlines

To help the Library prepare your Leganto reading list for the start of session, please place your request at least six weeks before the start of session.

If you are unable to request your list in this timeframe, the Library cannot guarantee the whole list will be ready in time for Week One. However, the Library will ensure that readings are made available up to two weeks ahead of the teaching schedule. 


Factors requiring additional processing time: 

  • the reading list contains +50 readings
  • there is a need to source updated readings for the subject
  • readings require the Library to:
    • purchase new resources
    • create new digitisations
    • source readings from print books in high demand across multiple cohorts
    • source readings from other institutions.