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Leganto: Create E-Resource Lists

Library Guide on how to use Leganto to create e-resource lists for subjects.

Linking Primo Resources to Leganto

To add a Primo item to your Reading List select the '+' button (Add Citation) that appears to the right of the of the list.


This then opens up the Primo Search tool in the Leganto platform. Search Primo for your item and then add it to the module you want to place it in. 




The reading will now appear in the Reading List in the Module section you have chosen.


Linking to existing eReserve readings in Primo

To search for eReserve readings in Primo, select the '+' button to add a new reading.

Change the Search All to eReserve & Reserve to find eReserve items.


Enter the subject code ie., LAW112 and hit enter.

You will be shown the current eReserve readings available for that subject.

You can drag and drop the readings into your Reading List OR select a record and choose the section you want to add it to.

Select Add, your reading will be added to your Reading List.