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Using Leganto: For Staff

Library Guide on how to use Leganto to create e-resource lists for subjects.

Add a Record Manually

You can add records manually, and you might need to do this if:

* you want to add an eBook chapter, OR

* you want to request that the Library set up a new eReserve reading, OR

* you want to add a website that is not listed in Primo Search.

Adding a reading manually

  • Click on the '+' (Add Citation) button in your Reading List and then select the Create tab.
  • Enter the details of the item you are adding, specifying what Type of material it is (Book Chapter, Electronic Article, Website, etc.) and entering the item's URL in the Source field.


  • Select which Reading List Module you wish to add the material to and click on Add.
  • The requested item will now appear in the Module you selected.


Adding a new eReserve reading

If your manual record is a new eReserve reading - that is, if you are using Leganto to request that the Library provide a new item in the eReserve collection - you will need to add a tag to the citation to indicate to the Library that you need a scan done of a chapter or article that isn't otherwise available electronically.

  • After adding the record manually to your list, select Add tags in the record.
  • Put your cursor in the Add tags field and then select Digisation required
  • Click on Save.

  • To request that the Library act on your request, click on the ellipsis ( ... ) button at the right of the record and select the option Send to Library.
  • The status of the material will now go from Being prepared to Sent, and, when you send your List to the Library (see Publishing Your List), Library staff will process your request. When the item is available in Primo Search, Library staff will also make it available within your list.