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Using Leganto: For Staff


Academic staff with an Instructor Role in the subject Interact site will be required to set up the reading list. 

If additional teaching or support staff with a Full Staff Role or Non-Grade Staff Role will be contributing to a reading list, add them as a collaborator to the list.

Add the Leganto tool link to an Interact2 site


1. Add the Leganto tool link.
In your subject site, select the Add Menu Item option (+) and select Tool Link.

2. Name the tool. 
For best practice, name the tool Readings and Resources. This will keep the name consistent for students across other subjects.

For more best practice tips, head to our Best Practice page.

3. Select the Leganto (Resource List) from the dropdown list.
Select Submit.

4. Check the box, Available to Users.
This will ensure the Leganto tool link is visible to students but can be amended at a later date.

The new reading list tool will appear at the bottom of the i2 Control Menu. Reorder this as required.

Adding Library staff to the i2 site

If the Library will be creating your Leganto reading list, please add the Library staff member assigned to your enquiry to all Interact2 sites for the subject. Library staff will require permissions of Non-Grade Staff or above.

See Manage Site Users for instructions.