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Leganto: Create E-Resource Lists

Library Guide on how to use Leganto to create e-resource lists for subjects.

Starting Your Reading List in Interact 2

In order to create your Reading List for your subject through an Interact 2 site you must first have the correct user role assigned to you for the I2 site.

Only Staff with an Instructor Role (this is generally only the Subject Coordinator) in the subject site will be able to create the subject code that will be associated with the subject's reading list.  

Staff with Full Staff Role and the Non Grade Staff Role will be able to add to and edit a Reading List, but will need to be made a Collaborator on the Reading List in order to do this.

Creating a Reading List in a Subject site.

Within the Control Panel settings in your subject site, select Add Menu Item option and select Tool Link.

When the Add Tool Link options appear, give your tool a name, e.g., Reading List.

In the Type field, select Leganto (Resource List) then select Submit.

We would suggest leaving the check box Available to Users unchecked until the list is finalised. The tool can then be made live after the reading list is complete.

The new tool will appear in your Control Panel at the bottom of the list. You can re-order this as you wish for your site.

Select the new Leganto tool link to begin creating your subject list within the Leganto system.

You will be asked to Create a New Course - this will create a new subject in the Leganto system that your Reading List will be associated with.

Enter the end date of the session in which your subject will run, you can leave the start date as today's date.

Select Create.

Enter the session end date

After selecting Create you will be asked to Create a Reading List for this subject, select Create it.

At this point, you can change the title of the Reading List, or leave it as the default and give it a description if you want to. Select Create.  You're now ready to start adding content to your Reading List.