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Leganto: Create E-Resource Lists

Library Guide on how to use Leganto to create e-resource lists for subjects.

Reports and Analytics

Reading List Instructors can view Analytics information about usage in the following subject areas:

  • Course Reserves
  • Student Usage
  • Instructor Usage

The information is divided into three sub-tabs:

Usage - student usage information about active, published reading lists.

Reading List Report Student Usage

This tab contains the following information:

  • General information for each reading list:
    • Course Code
    • Course Name
    • List Name
    • Start and End Date
    • Total Citations (the total number of citations)
    • Participants (total number of participants)
  • Total usage for each reading list:
    • Active Students - the number of students that interacted with the citation (either clicked, liked, commented, or viewed the material)
    • Activity Score - average number citations interacted with by each student
    • Total Full Text Access - number of times the full text of any citation was accessed (multiple accesses by the same student count multiple times)
    • Total Comments - total number of comments on all citations
    • Total Likes - total number of likes on all citations
    • Total Read It - total number of citations marked "read it" by each student, added together
  • Weekly usage for each reading list.


The instructor can then select one reading list and view the usage options from the drop down menu:


  • View Reading List Sections - usage for this reading list by section
  • View Reading List Citations - usage for this reading list by citations
  • View Reading List Citation Types - usage information by each citation type:
    • Manually added
    • External URL
    • Digital
    • Electronic
    • Physical
  • Inactive - usage information about inactive (past or future) published reading lists
  • Analysis - graphical citation usage information about active published lists



Graphical information includes:

  •  A bar chart of usage for each reading list
  • A line chart of weekly usage for each reading list

Quick View

Instructors can quickly see how many times a reading has been accessed.

On the right hand side of the reading, there will appear an eye icon if that reading has been read:


More information about Analytics can be found on the Ex-Libris Knowledge Centre website