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Using Leganto: For Staff

Library Guide on how to use Leganto to create e-resource lists for subjects.

Reports and Analytics

Reading List Instructors can view Analytics information about usage in the following subject areas:

  • Course Reserves
  • Student Usage
  • Instructor Usage

The information is divided into three sub-tabs:

Usage - student usage information about active, published reading lists.

Reading List Report Student Usage

This tab contains the following information:

  • General information for each reading list:
    • Course Code
    • Course Name
    • List Name
    • Start and End Date
    • Total Citations (the total number of citations)
    • Participants (total number of participants)
  • Total usage for each reading list:
    • Active Students - the number of students that interacted with the citation (either clicked, liked, commented, or viewed the material)
    • Activity Score - average number citations interacted with by each student
    • Total Full Text Access - number of times the full text of any citation was accessed (multiple accesses by the same student count multiple times)
    • Total Comments - total number of comments on all citations
    • Total Likes - total number of likes on all citations
    • Total Read It - total number of citations marked "read it" by each student, added together
  • Weekly usage for each reading list.


The instructor can then select one reading list and view the usage options from the drop down menu:


  • View Reading List Sections - usage for this reading list by section
  • View Reading List Citations - usage for this reading list by citations
  • View Reading List Citation Types - usage information by each citation type:
    • Manually added
    • External URL
    • Digital
    • Electronic
    • Physical
  • Inactive - usage information about inactive (past or future) published reading lists
  • Analysis - graphical citation usage information about active published lists



Graphical information includes:

  •  A bar chart of usage for each reading list
  • A line chart of weekly usage for each reading list

Quick View

Instructors can quickly see how many times a reading has been accessed.

If a reading has been read (clicked on), an eye icon will appear at the bottom right of the record. The number to the right of the eye icon shows the number of views:


More information about Analytics can be found at the Ex-Libris Knowledge Center