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Leganto: Create E-Resource Lists

Library Guide on how to use Leganto to create e-resource lists for subjects.

Adding to Your Reading List

You can add readings to your Reading List a number of ways.

!Remember! To meet Copyright requirements, PDFs of readings - including eReserve readings - should not be uploaded into your Leganto list or Interact site - links to these readings are an appropriate way of providing access to students.



Within the Leganto application you can search the Primo Catalogue records to find material, including eReserve items, to add to your Reading Lists.



You can also manually create a record for your Reading List. This is the recommended method for placing new eReserve requests via the Leganto system.

You can enter the record manually as a book chapter and then select the "Digitisation required" tag (an option which appears after you've created the record).

Please take into account Australian COPYRIGHT LAW when adding material. If you need assistance with Copyright requirements please consult our Copyright Guide or contact our Copyright Officers via email or on 1800 808 369.



 Use the Cite It! button to add online resources and to request new books.



You can make changes to readings, and add notes to readings for students. Collaborators can also add or edit items.



You may also enter the Leganto site directly, without having to go through Interact 2. Use the link provided and then bookmark the site to your browser toolbar (you may be asked for verification the first time you do this).

Make reading lists which you can then associate with subjects at a later date. Note that reading lists can only be associated with subjects once they have been created in Interact 2.