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GER401 Research Skills Guide: Assessment 3

What do you need to do?

This assessment asks you to choose a key topic of this subject as a focus for your case study. Then choose one of the age-friendly community case studies located in the assessment 3 folder in your i2 site. To bring it all together, you are asked to write a report that examines a case study of age-friendly activities in a particular community.

In your report, you're going to look at age-friendly communities and address the following:

  • how they might improve the health and well-being of older people, 
  • where government policy falls in the success or challenges of the community
  • diverse groups of older people and their social determinants of health
  • critical social gerontology 

*For specific instructions regarding the task, please consult your subject outline.

Key tips

  • Read the Subject Outline carefully. There is information in there about what you should include and how to format your plan.
  • Try the Topic Analysis technique from Assessment 2 to analyse your task and find key words to use while searching.
  • Ensure you have investigated the literature relevant to your key topic and chosen case study. Make sure to gather a good range of high quality information.
  • Apply your research to back up your statements and ideas. Use the information and search tips in the Find section of this Research Skills Guide for ideas on where to search.
  • Use the Evaluate page on this guide to make sure your resources are solid.

web sources to help you start thinking about age-friendly communities

Centre for Ageing Better. (2021). The eight domains of age-friendly. Centre for Ageing Better.

COTA Victoria. (n.d.). Age friendly communities. COTA Victoria.

Municipal Association of Victoria. (n.d.). Age-friendly cities and communities. Municipal Association of Victoria.

WHO. (2021). Age-friendly environments. World Health Organization.

Peer-reviewed sources

You need to include evidence and research from peer-reviewed sources to support your discussion. There is information about finding and using peer-reviewed articles on the Evaluate page.