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ACC514 Research Skills Guide: Find News Articles

Where to find News Articles

Whilst you will be able to find some news articles in Primo Search,  the best place to find news articles is in the Library's News & Current Affairs Databases. Watch the short recording below which demonstrates two of our library databases: ANZ Newsstream and Factiva.

Google can also be used to find news articles published by local newspapers.  However don't limit yourself to just using Google; try using the news databases and Google. The Library's databases include articles available only via subscription, which Google won't find.

Locating Newspaper Articles

Searching the internet

The Internet is a great place to locate background information and additional resources outside of scholarly publications.

There are some tips and tricks you can implement to make the most out of Google Search and improve the relevance and quality of your results. These strategies are slightly different to those offered in Primo Search and journal databases.

While Google Search does offer an Advanced Search, which you might like to use, you can use these strategies within the basic search box to provide you with the same control.

Search for an exact phrase or match

Put your search terms in quotation marks

"employee fraud"

Exclude a word from your search

Put a minus symbol - before any word you want to exclude


Search within a range of numbers

Use two periods .. between the numbers to return results within that range

"small business fraud" 2018..2019

Search within a website

Use site: to search within a particular web address or to limit your results to a domain type

Limit by geographical area or time frame Use the Google Tools drop down options to limit to Australia results and/or select a timeframe for your results

Australian Newspapers

The best source for Australian news articles is the ANZ Newsstream database. 

This journal database allows you search multiple Australian newspapers at the same time.

To get the best search results:

  • Before you start searching, change the 'Location' limiter at the bottom of the screen to your chosen local area.  This will limit your search results to your chosen region only;
  • On the search results screen, use the 'Publication Date' limiter on the left-hand side of the screen to limit your results to the last three months.

Australian Financial Review

Looking for newspaper articles from Australian Financial Review (AFR)? You can find AFR articles in Primo Search, Proquest Business Databases and Factiva.

To search AFR within Factiva:

  1. Enter the desired search terms into the Search box
  2. Select Source
  3. Search for then choose, The Australian Financial Review

For more help with Factiva see the following guide

Using google effectively