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ACC311 Research Skills Guide: Introduction


Welcome to the ACC311 Research Skills Guide.

This guide is designed to make your research process easier.

Focusing on:

  • Searching for company information in specific databases (and there is a demonstration here)
  • Searching for newspaper articles using databases (and there is a demonstration here)
  • Evaluating the sources of information you find
  • Resources to help write your report

If you would like a refresher about other library skills, such as using Primo Search, finding peer reviewed journal articles and more, head over to the ACC200 Research Skills Guide

Most important of all, use your librarians! If you need help with anything library or research related, get in touch with the library.

Wishing you the best for the study ahead.

Lorraine Rose

Charles Sturt University Librarian


Need help?

Study Centre students please contact your Study Centre Library for any questions regarding loans, renewals or research support.

Accessing your textbook through the library

Good news!

Your textbook is available online through the library!

However our access to your textbook is limited. Follow the best practice in the video below to ensure you have access to what you need without disadvantaging other students in your subject.