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Using Images at University: Referencing & Attributing Images

A Guide for Undergraduate Students


What is Attribution

It is the Australian Copyright Act's requirement that creators of works be named (acknowledged).  

When to Attribute

Moral rights require you to attribute an image, unless otherwise instructed by the image's licensing agreement, or the terms or conditions of provided by a website or database.

How to Attribute

Refer to an image provider's instructions regarding the attribution format.

The following is an example of attributing a creative commons image. See the Creative Commons Australia guide for more examples.

photo credit: blavandmaster Waiting for Spring via photopin (license)


Images used in your assignments may require referencing to acknowledge the source of information. Referencing at Charles Sturt University provides useful information, including the Academic Referencing Tool (ART).

Support for Referencing

ALLaN (Academic Literacy, Learning, and Numeracy) Advisers can support you in developing your referencing skills. Referencing workshops are held regularly throughout the year, or you can book an appointment with an ALLaN Adviser to review your referencing in an assignment draft.

Book an appointment with an ALLaN Advisor.