What is a Researcher Profile?

A research profile is a description of your research, your affiliation and your details.

Why do I need a researcher profile?

Researcher profiles allow you to:

  • make you and your research more discoverable
  • create and manage a publication list
  • avoid misidentification
  • create opportunities to be cited
  • find and be found by potential collaborators


There are a number of profiles that can be created, and you may find that more than one is useful.  Profiles will need to be updated though, so allocate time to make sure they stay up to date.  The Library offers workshops to help you set up your profiles: check out our training page or contact a Faculty Liaison Librarian.

Which Researcher Profile do I use?

Some profiles you may wish to consider:

  • ORCID.  CSU became part of the Australian ORCID Consortium and the intention is for all CSU Researchers to have an ORCID profile. 
  • CRO. Information that is added to MyResearch is used to create a record in the CSU Institutional Repository - CSU Research Online (CRO).

Other profiles that you could include are:

  • Google Scholar Profile
  • Author ID (Scopus)
  • Researcher ID (Web of Science)

What's in this guide?

This guide will show you what resources are available and where to find them.  There are a wide range of options including:

Refer to the Research Impact guide to review the impact of your research.

Help from a Librarian