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NUT201 Research Skills Guide: Home

Library Information Literacy Task


Welcome to the NUT201 Research Skills Guide

This guide was made for you by a Karen Klein from CSU Library. It is designed to make your research process easier. The guide should help you to:

  • develop a search strategy from a assignment question
  • show you techniques and skills needed to search effective and locate resources
  • Assessment items for NUT201 - as outlined in the guide.

We will cover the best way to:

  • Getting started: help with topic analysis, identify keywords and interpreting citations
  • Find relevant resources using the Library and the Internet
  • Evaluate your results for suitability
  • Reference and EndNote resources
  • Academic writing and study skills resources
  • Assessment tasks - information for your assessment

You can use this guide any way you like; read it front to back or dip in and out as required. I recommend taking a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the content so you know what's in there in case you find yourself stuck later on.

Keep in mind that research is not a linear process and may not always follow a particular order of steps.

Most important of all, use your librarians! If you need help with anything library or research related, get in touch with the library.

Wishing you the best for the study ahead.


Your CSU Librarian

NUT201 Library Research Skills Guide

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