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eBooks: How to use eBooks

Reading and downloading ebooks

eBooks can be read online without downloading to your personal devices or computer using the eBook provider's platform.

To download an eBook to your computer in either pdf or epub format it is necessary that you have installed Adobe Digital Editions software. Similarly you can download an eBook on your personal device such as smartphone or tablets by installing a free app - Bluefire reader or Aldiko Book Reader (Android devices only).

Why do we need this software? This software and eReaders act as the key to open and display the protected/ DRM restricted eBooks. 

NOTE: You cannot download an eBook on computer lab or library computers as you will not be able to install Adobe Digital Editions software on these computers. Use Read Online option to view the eBook and loan the title to print or copy an eBook.

See eBook collections@CSU Library for more information on how much you can print or copy from an eBook.

Digital Rights Management

eBooks are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). Different publishers apply different levels of DRM restrictions which may limit the number of devices an eBook can be copied to, or impose limits on borrowing, printing, downloading and modifying. Some publishers' collections of eBooks are DRM free.

DRM is applied to various file formats. The most widely used eBook file formats are Adobe (.pdf) and (.epub) but some big companies like Amazon use their own file format (.azw). 

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