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EndNote and NVivo for Literature Review: Queries


In NVivo you can create Queries that find specific words or words that occur most often in your sources

Here is NVivo's guide to Queries

Word Frequency

Find the most frequently occurring words or concept in your sources, annotations or nodes.

You can use the Word Frequency Queries to:

  • Identify particular themes
  • Create Nodes with frequently occurring words or concepts
  • look for exact words or include synonyms

See NVivo's Guide to Run a Word Frequency Query

Text Search

A Text Search query will find all the occurrences of a word, phrase, or concept in the project.

  • Explore the use, context or meaning of a word or a phrase
  • Find out how often a word or a phrase is used in the different sources in your project
  • Code selected word or phrases automatically

See NVivo's Guide to Run a Text Search Query