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EndNote and NVivo for Literature Review: Classifications


Classifications give you the option to record descriptive information about the sources, nodes and relationships in your project.

This guide only looks at Source Classifications, which stores bibliographic information about your sources. When you download from EndNote, predetermined attributes are created. You can edit and change the attributes and values in the Classification.

The NVivo Guide to Classifications also covers how to classify Cases and document Relationships between Nodes in your project.

Source Classifications

  • To open your Source Classifications click on Classifications

  • Then click on Source Classifications and right click on Reference to open the Classification Sheet

Working in the Classification Sheet

  • Remove Attributes that you don’t need so the table is easier to use. (Right click on Reference and delete)

Right click to open the menu, and scroll down for the Delete button. From this menu you can also import, export, print and copy.

Add and Edit Attributes and Values in the Classification Sheet

  • Right click on Reference to add a New Attribute to Source Classifications 

  • Name the new attribute Methodology then click on Values

  • Click on Values and you can add the values you need

The values tab will open as a table, where you can make selections and input data