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EndNote and NVivo for Literature Review: The NVivo Workspace

Navigating the Workspace

The NVivo Workspace is divided into different parts:

  • Ribbon
  • The Quick Access Bar
  • Navigation View
  • List View 
  • Details View
  • Find Bar
  • Quick Coding Bar
  • Status Bar

See NVivo's guide to the Workspace


The Ribbon gives you access to all commands.

The Ribbon's commands are organised under the headings: File, Home, Create, Data, Analyze, Query, Explore, Layout and View

The Quick Access Bar

In the Quick Access Bar you can add commands you use frequently

You can add commands like Save, Browse, Edit, Undo and more.

Status Bar

You can check the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen to see what is happening in the project.

The Status bar displays your user initials and contextual information that varies depending on what you are doing in your project

Navigation View

Navigation View lets you select what you want to see.

You can change the view to Internals, Externals, Memos or Framework Matrices

You can also select Sources, Nodes, Classifications, Queries, Reports, Maps or Folders.