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EndNote and NVivo for Literature Review: Getting Started with NVivo

NVivo Program

The NVivo Program can help you with qualitative research and literature analysis. You can analyse data from, interviews, surveys, field notes, web pages and journal articles.

Nvivo Start Screen Text

From the NVivo Start Screen you can open an existing project or start a new one. From this screen you can also access the Getting Started Guide, the FAQs and the help guide as well as video tutorials.

We recommend that you have separate projects for qualitative data analysis and your literature analysis. See: Create a New Project

Save and Backup Procedure

Work Locally

We recommend that you save and work from your local computer. Working from remote drives can lead to corruption.

Backup Remotely

You should also create regular backups that are stored another device, such as an external drive.  When creating a backup copy make sure you give the file a name that describes when it was saved; e.g. NVivo Project Backup 20171205.

Save and Backup Procedure